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so in case you didn’t know, abortion is illegal in ireland. there’s this horrible pro-life group called Youth Defence whose ad campaigns are unbelievably insensitive (and cite incorrect facts) and this was their latest shock tactic.

they parked their van in front of the Dublin Rape Crisis Centre.

let me say that again


when confronted about it, they tweeted this:

they also deleted their first tweet (“Our driver was stuck in traffic, we wern’t parked there, more lies from pro-aborts. #loveforall”)

I FEEL PHYSICALLY SICK. you evil fucking human beings.


(image source: via bob coogan)

Can we please make people aware of this? Ireland and northern Ireland needs support from all you babes!!!

yes please

not just america having these problems

This. Is. AMAZING!

  • (We’re taking a calculus final. The TA is a well-known Lord of the Rings fan, and we’ve had running LotR jokes all semester.)

  • TA:

    “Okay, guys, everyone look at me. We’ve been over the rules, but just in case: no notes, pencil your answers in on the scantron sheet, and graphing calculators only – no more ‘can I just used my cell phone’ nonsense.”

  • Student:

    “[TA's name], my calculator batteries just died! What should I do?”

  • TA:

    “Here, I’ve got a big box of spares.”

  • Student:

    *struggling* “I can’t get this packaging open…”

  • Student 2:

    “Here, I’ve got a pocket knife.”

  • TA:

    “And I’ve got a pair of scissors if you need them.”

  • Student 3:

    *from the back of the room* “OR MY AXE!”

  • (Everyone starts laughing.)

  • TA:

    “The only axes allowed on the exam are in the graph section.”

  • (Everyone groans.)

  • TA:

    “Oh, come on, you’re in a math class. Deal with the math jokes.”

  • (The professor enters with a stack of exams. With him are two exam proctors.)

  • Professor:

    “Tolkien jokes already, [TA's name]?”

  • TA:

    “Hey, I didn’t start it.”

  • (The professor starts handing stacks of exams to the TA and proctors.)

  • Professor:

    “But I’m about to finish it. [TA], take these exams down the left flank. [Proctor 1], follow the desks down the center. [Proctor 2], take your exams right, along the wall.”

  • (At this point, many of the students have realized where this is going:

    Theoden’s lines from ‘Return of the King.’)

  • Professor:

    “Forth, and fear no problems! Solve! Solve, students of calculus! Points shall be taken, scores shall be splintered! A pencil day! A red-ink day! Until three thirty!”

  • (The professor pulls out a pencil, holding it out like a sword, and runs down the first row holding it out. Students hold up their pencils, hitting his as he passes.)

  • Professor:

    “Solve now! Solve now! Solve to good grades and the class ending! MAAATH!”

  • Entire Class:


  • Professor:


  • Entire Class:


  • Professor:

    “Forth, exam-takers!”

  • (The entire class rises to their feet and gives him a standing ovation. A week later, we get an email from the professor.)

  • Professor:

    *at the end of the email* “PS: I appreciate all of you who wrote in their evaluations that I was the one professor to rule them all, but the best one yet was the student who called me ‘Mathrandir.’”

Costumes for May Expo ‘13!

I’m currently making 2 costumes for this years May Expo; the first is a Death Knight from WoW and the second is the Flesh Maiden from Alice: the Madness Returns. The reason behind making 2 is because I’m not sure I’m get all the armour for the DK done in time. Also, I don’t want to roast the whole weekend.

I will post pictures eventually!

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